Acute conditions are conditions that are new. Typically less than 12 weeks old. These types of conditions normally need frequent treatments, especially in the initial stages. During the beginning of these conditions, there is typically swelling and pain, with difficulty in the performing of normal everyday activities. While the length of time acute conditions takes to respond, varies depending on the severity of the complaint. The more thorough the treatment, the better the chance that the condition is resolved. This will help prevent the condition from turning into a chronic situation.

Chronic conditions are health situations that have been present for longer periods of time. In many cases, an injury or illness that occurred many years ago is still present. Typically 12 or more weeks old. Sometimes it is simply the nature of the condition. Things that may complicate acute and chronic conditions is the pain level, the presence of skeletal anomaly on film, severe radiating pain, patients age, occupation, activity level, habits, and nutritional diet. Patients with chronic conditions may need a longer-term care plan to slow down the progression of those conditions.

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